Michael Bellar's Studio

I make the musics...

My work space in New York City has a full compliment of vintage keyboards, classic mics, tube + solid state preamps, analog + VA synths along with an extensive sample library. (I also share in a much larger tracking space at the Pencil Factory Recording Studio in Greenpoint Brooklyn for when we need to get loud). I produce recordings and track keyboards for other artists, score commercials and shorts along with creating music and sound design for other producers, artists, licensing libraries and music houses, a few favorites being - producer Jud Crane, producer Chris Jacobie, Michael Brake/Cut Music LA, artist/producer Oliver Wood (of the Wood Brothers), Bang Music NYC, Fluid Music NYC and Razorhead NYC. A great number of these projects have been recorded remotely with me working in NYC while the producer is in another time zone. Recently I have had music licensed by HBO, CBS, Fresh Air with Terry Gross and played Hammond organ behind Alicia Keys on a Nike spot which also featured Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Serena Williams. To get in touch about production projects or virtual recording email me at heyman {at} michaelbellar {dot} com.

Hammond A-100
Wurlitzer 200A
Rhodes Mark 1 Suitcase 73
Rhodes Stage 54
Rhodes Bass
Steinway B Grand Piano (currently in NC)
Yamaha studio upright piano
Moog One
Hohner and Scandalli accordions
Hohner Clavinet D6
Estey pump/reed organ
Fender Contempo Transistor organ
Roland Juno 106
Roland Fantom XR
Mellotron M4000D Mini
Nord Lead 2x
Nord Stage 2
Indian/English harmonium
Hohner Organa
Hohner HM-36 & Suzuki Melodicas
Big Muddy Mandolin
Fender American Telecaster
An acoustic guitar
Jedson shortscale electric bass
A large assortment of analog/digital outboard effects (Moog, Strymon, FullTone, Neunaber, SansAmp, Red Panda, Electro-Harmonix, MXR, Dunlop and Boss) and drum/percussion instruments. A substantial collection of sample libraries and plugs including Waves, Kontakt Komplete and East/West.

Neumann U87 (2-both vintage-mid 1970s)
Neumann KM 84i (2-both 1973)
Neumann KM 184
Royer R-121 (2)
Coles 4038
Beyerdynamic M160
AKG 414 B ULS (2)
AKG 451 B
AKG D112
Electro-Voice RE 20
Sennheiser 421-U5 (2)
Shure SM 57 (2)
Shure SM 58 (2)

Manley Dual Mono
Universal Audio 2-610
API 3124+
Manley Core Channel Strip
JoeMeek TwinQcs (early version)

Distressor EL8X
Manley Core Channel Strip

Leslie 145 and 142
Fender Vibrolux Reverb (mid 1970s)
Fender Bassman 57 Tweed 4x10 (early 90s)
Markbass 1x15 Bass amp
Motion Sound KT-80
Trek 2 UC-1A

Pro Tools 2019.6 running on Apple, up to 192k (but do we really need to?)
Genelec 1031A monitors
RME 802 I/O + A/D converters
Apogee Rosetta 800 A/D converters