Charleston International Jazz Festival!!!

Friday Jan 23rd and 24th I'll be performing at the 1st Annual Charleston SC Jazz Festival. The 23rd I'll be playing  a SOLO set and on the 24th I'll be in a band backing up the great Fred Wesley!!!!!



AS-IS Ensemble opening for Robert Randolph and the Family Band in NYC Thanksgiving weekend!!!!

Real excited about doing another show opening for the great Robert Randolph and the Family Band. Last fall we did 4 shows with them and they couldn't have been cooler to us. Brooklyn Bowl Saturday Nov 29th y'all!!!! 8pm doors 9pm show.

New recording, new website and lottttts of summer shows!

Hey y'all. Big news all around.

New CD titled "Oh No Oh Wow," official release date June 24, 2014 and BIG summer tour including shows at the Telluride, Blue Note and San Jose Jazz Summer Fest with a NYC residency at Rockwood!



AS-IS opening for the Everyone Orchestra at Brooklyn Bowl 4/3/2014!!!!



Our Favorite Lurker EVER!!!

We noticed this guy lurking around the in the crowd after we opened for #Robert Randolph & the Family Band in Charleston recently. Sure enough - Bill Murray!!! When I went to settle with our merch girl, she got really excited and said "Bill Murray just bought 2 of your cds!" So, now I'm just hanging out waiting for the call from Wes Anderson asking if he can use the AS-IS Ensemble for the theme music for Rushmore 2!!!! Here's to dreaming...

who you gonna call?!?!

Fall 2013. Shows with Robert Randolph and Mellissa Reaves!!

Hey y’all. So much goodness going on

We’ve had an amazing time doing shows with Robert Randolph & the Family Band recently. The amount of love we’ve been getting from Robert’s fans has been a bit overwhelming actually. Getting a lot of “What a great surprise you guys were,” and “So glad we came early,” when meeting peeps after shows and I’ll take that!!!!! Feeling really lucky to be apart of such a great scene. Many thanks to Robert, the Family Band, crew and his fans for making us feel so welcome. Looking forward to the ones coming up next in Charlotte and Charleston.

New AS-IS recordings…
I know there have been many rumblings and mumblings this year about the subject. They are all very real. In fact TWICE as real as you think – as in more than one new AS-IS Ensemble recording is coming! We will be making the announcements veryyyy soon.  

Upcoming Shows THIS WEEK! Roanoke VA, Carrboro NC, Hickory NC, Nashville TN and Athens GA.
Headed south this week! And along with our shows with Robert Randolph we are also doing shows with hurricane Melissa Reaves! Then we head to the northeast in October. All the tour details at the SHOW page.

Thanks for being apart of it all!



Shows with Oliver Wood!!!

We have had an AMAZING year. Simple as that. To all who have come to shows and continue to support our thing. THANKS!!!

We did 60 shows in 14 states. (including 3 festivals, a headlining show at SXSW, one full length modern dance score and one incredible college residency at Presbyterian College in SC (go Blue Hose!!)

Here’s a link to some free downloadable LIVE bootlegs from this year.

Lots of shows north AND south in January including 3 shows with OLIVER WOOD of the Wood Brothers. What?!?!?! Please help spread the word and tell all your peeps. And don’t forget that the latest CD – Turned On Turned Up is avail everywhere and would make a GREATTTTTT holiday gift. Links are below. Thanks. See you at a show. MB



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