Oh No Oh Wow - 2014


(producer, composer, acoustic and electric pianos, accordion, hammond organ, clavinet, synths, percussion, mandolin and additional engineering)


Turned On Turned Up - 2009


(producer, composer, acoustic and electric pianos, accordion, hammond organ, clavinet, synths, percussion and additional engineering)

Like It Is 1400ish.jpg

Like It Is - 2004


(producer, composer, acoustic and electric pianos, accordion, hammond organ, clavinet, synths, percussion, voice and additional engineering)


REACT! - 1998


(producer, composer and acoustic piano)




Abbie Gardner

Wishes on a Neon Sign - coming early 2018 (producer, addition engineering, editing, hammond organ, acoustic pianos, wurlitzer, rhodes, pump organ, accordion, fender contempo, percussion, backing vocals)


JP Ruggieri

Waiting On You - coming 2018 (hammond organ, wurlitzer electric piano, fender contempo)


Nick Dahlqvist

Autumn - 2017 (pump organ and upright piano) selected tracks



Paul Tabachneck

New America EP - 2017 (hammond organ, rhodes, wurlitzer electric piano)


Paul Demer

One Day - 2017 (hammond organ & wurlitzer electric piano) single


Garth Stevenson

Voyage - 2016 (hammond organ) selected tracks

Penny and Sparrow

Christmas Songs - 2016 (hammond organ) selected tracks

Trevor Borden

From the Mountain - 2016 (hammond organ and acoustic piano) selected tracks

Friendly Savages

East in the Morning - 2015 (hammond organ, acoustic piano, moog, pump organ & additional engineering)

Howie Day

Lanterns - 2015 (acoustic piano, rhodes, hammond organ, arp solina and mellotron)

Swamp Cabbage

Jive - 2015 (rhodes) selected tracks

Jesse Lenat

Son of a Cactus Farmer - 2014 (hammond organ, accordion & additional engineering)

Brooklyn Qawwali Party

BQP 2 - 2014 (harmonium, celeste, hammond organ)


Sean Azzaro

Simple Things - 2014 (acoustic piano, hammond organ, accordion, rhodes, wurli, synths, mandolin & additional engineering)

Paul Tabachneck

Two People Made This Mess - 2014 (acoustic piano, hammond organ, accordion, rhodes, wurli, synths & additional engineering)


The Valentine EP - 2013 (synth and keys) on selected tracks

Daniel Crawford

Home - 2013 (acoustic piano, wurli, hammond organ, accordion, pump organ & additional engineering)

Gabrielle Louise  

The Bird in My Chest - 2013 (acoustic piano, rhodes, wurli, accordion, pump organ)



Rock and Dolls - 2012 (producer and arranger of selected tracks. Also keyboards, acoustic guitars, mandolin, co-writer and engineering)

Carsie Blanton

Idiot Heart - 2011 (hammond organ, rhodes, wurli, accordion)

Kellin Watson

Halo of Blue - 2011 (producer, arranger, co-writer, string arrangements, all acoustic and electronic keyboards, hammond organ, mandolin, acoustic guitar, percussion and additional engineering)

Daniel Crawford

In the Maze - 2011 (acoustic piano, wurli, hammond, accordion, pump organ & additional engineering)

Jon Paul

Jon Paul EP - 2011 (hammond, acoustic piano, wurli, accordion, pump organ & additional engineering)

Sasha Zand

Blue Sky - 2011 (hammond, acoustic piano, rhodes)

Mark Bates

Down the Narrow - 2009 (keys)

Walter Parks

Walter Parks - 2009 (hammond, wurli)

Amos Lee

Live at iTunes - 2008 (acoustic piano, wurli, hammond)

Various artists

Amos Lee

Songs From the Village - 2009 (wurli, hammond)


Essie Jain

The Inbetween - 2008 (pump organ)

The Maxes

The Maxes 2007 (accordion and acoustic piano)

Emily Kurn

Things Change - 2007 (hammond organ, piano, wurli)

Sean Walsh

American Music  - 2007 (hammond organ, wurli)

Paul Tabachneck

Boy Meets Girl  - 2007 (hammond organ, wurli, clav & additional engineering)

Rhei C

For You  - 2007 (hammond organ, accordion, acoustic/electric pianos)

Lynn Anderson

Rose Garden  - 2007 (keyboards)

Tom Jurvich

Of the Bottom Line - 2007 (acoustic piano, hammond organ, wurli)

Jump Little Children

Jump, Little Children at the Dock Street Theatre (acoustic piano) (Brash Music) 2006


Bill Turner & Blue Smoke

Mississippi Maserati Breakdown - 2006 (keys)

Cynthia Summers

Love at Every Turn - 2006 (keyboards and accordion)

Jump Little Children

Vertigo (EZ Chief) 2001 (acoustic piano and Hammond organ)

Jump Little Children

Live at the Music Farm (EZ Chief) - DVD (keys) 2002

Jay Clifford's Rosebud

Vespers - 2001. (piano, hammond organ and accordion)


Live at XM Radio, (Montauk Mantis) (keyboards)



Too Soon Monsoon (Montauk Mantis)  (keyboards and backing vox) selected tracks


Ladra Di Vento Live - DVD (BMG Italy) (keyboards)

Ian Fitzgerald

Missing Silver - 2003 (independent) (piano, Hammond organ and accordion)

Dulcie Taylor

Mirrors and Windows (Black Iris) (Hammond organ)

Jerree Smalls

Mobius (independent) (acoustic/electric pianos, Hammond organ and accordion)

Goats in Trees

Smoke and Mirrors (Rudy Records) 2001. (acoustic piano)

David Phelp's Eclectic Troubadours

Eclectic - 2001 (keyboards and accordion)

Jennifer Brown

Vera (BMG) - 2000. Swedish Grammy winner. (Hammond organ and acoustic piano)

Mary Verdi

An Ocean for Travel - 2003 (independent) (piano and Hammond organ)

Tina Moore

Time Will Tell (Orpheus Records) 2002. (keyboards, piano and clavinet)

Malcolm Holcombe

Hundred Lies - 1999 (keyboards)


Brooks Williams

Hundred Year Shadow (Signature Sounds) 1999. (Hammond organ, wurli and acoustic piano)